Thermally-treated wooden hot tub

Our product range includes wooden hot tubs with internal and external heaters.

The stove is slightly more efficient when it is placed in the water being heated. Heating and ash removal are done at the side of the tub. At the same time, the whole tub is a compact package.  Tubs with a SIDE stove are delivered pre-assembled.

The OUTSIDE model's stove is just as easy to use, and at the same time makes space for one more person in the tub. The installation of the stove in the tub takes place only on-site, but it is easy to fasten in place with the included heater-rack and instructions.


SIDE stove models
 4 - 5 persons, water requirement 1600 litres
6 - 7 persons, water requirement 2100 litres

OUTSIDE stove models
 5 - 6 persons, water requirement 1650 litres
 7 - 9 people, water requirement 2150 litres


For hot tub with SIDE stove

- 9-place drink rack on protective stove fence
 - 2-piece ABS plastic cover for 170cm model
 - 70mm strong insulation cover for 200cm model
 - angular or round brim
 - serving-stand around pipe, made of thermally-treated wood
 - thermally-treated wood steps

For a hot tub with an OUTSIDE stove

- drink rack
 - thermally-treated wood steps
 - ABS plastic cover or
 - 70mm strong insulation cover for both sizes
 - angular or round brim

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