Plastic hot tubs

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Plastic hot tub (AMH-plastic type)
 - made of PE plastic
- diameter: 1800mm
 - height: 1040mm
- colours: black, grey and granite.
- outer lining of thermally-treated wood panels, either lighter- or darker-coloured. 

The plastic hot tub is hygienic and easy to clean. In AMH-plastic models, the bench seat is connected. The hot tub holds 1300-1400l of water. A small amount of water speeds up the heating of the tub. The plastic hot tubs are available with two different wood-fired stoves. 
The inner colour of the hot tub can be chosen, but the cover is normally black.

Water is removed via the 38mm outlet pipe.

Product is made entirely in Finland!! 


AMH plastic (black / grey)
 prices starting from 1990€
AMH plastic (granite)
prices starting from 2050€


Financing possibilities include option for 10-month interest-free payment period!!
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