Fibreglass hot tub

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Our product range features fibreglass tubs in two sizes, the square-shaped model for 4 persons and a parallelogram-shaped tub for about 6 persons. The tubs are designed so that the water requirement is as small as possible, making the heating time shorter.  The stove in both fibreglass models is a 30 kW wood-fired OUTSIDE model.

The tub is delivered insulated and pre-assembled.


LM1000. 1-2 persons,
water requirement approx. 800 litres
price 1780 €

LM5000: 4-5 persons,
water requirement approx. 1200 litres
price 2330 €

LM9000: 6-8 persons,
water requirement approx. 2000 litres
price 2530 € 


- fibreglass cover / 70mm insulation cover
 - three-level steps
 - corner benches  

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