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Greetings from a cottage in Kuhmo. I've used the hot tub more than I originally expected to.
It's nice to sit in a quiet hot tub with guests. We've had many nice chats there.
I'm really happy I chose your tub. The tub is simply elegant and seems to have been
crafted with quality.
We have tried it out, and it seems to work! I can recommend it to others.
 Best regards, M. from Kuhmo
Hi Kari!
Many thanks for the fine-looking, high-quality hot tub!
Also, thanks for the great and smooth service. It would be great if all companies
 were like this.
Have a nice autumn!
Best regards, J.L. from Pälkäne
Absolutely awesome!
Now I have to get out of here! A storm has arrived. All the trees are leaning over.
The only thing that will stay in place for sure is the hot tub!
M.J. from Padasjoki
Customer and presenter at the Keuruu summer market
"Nicely shaped plastic tub... those shapes seem well-suited
 to the purpose.
"This is exactly what the design aimed at."
"By the way, where does AMH-Puu come from
"Well.... it comes..
- Always Sells Quality. It comes from that - doesn't it.
Hello and a big thank you for very good service in delivering the hot tub. You can be sure that
 I will recommend AMH-Puu hot tubs to all bathers.
Thank you, A&J from Tampere
Hi from Pirkkala!
We have used the hot tub for more than a month now. It works and is impressive. It heats up quickly and is easy to clean. It is
 visually elegant as well. It makes the yard look beautiful.
Thanks again for lifting the hot tub into the right place. Apparently, there are still people who think and
 carry out their work in an exemplary fashion.
The new tub was tested during the weekend by eight people, we fit in well and had fun. Both
 the drink racks and stove attached to the side of the tub are really useful design solutions, and the steps
 are good and firm. KG
Thanks for the hot tub. The same evening that the tub arrived, we installed it in place, fastened the stove to the rack,
 filled the tub and tested it. Neat, fine and a very well thought-out package. We were surprised by
 the design of the steps. This is a happy find. NH
Hi, after a few tries, we have been super happy. The hot tub is gorgeous, elegant and stylish.
The granite interior is truly magnificent, and the LEDs are definitely needed. The cover can easily be lifted
thanks to the handles. The sand filter was also a good purchase. The stove built into the hot tub works well. TV