High-quality, domestic hot tubs
for spending time together!

In the hot tub, you will get to experience the joys of bathing - regardless of the weather. Outdoor bathing is an awesome experience, which you can enjoy year in and year out. 
These hot tubs, made for Finnish conditions, are perfect for every yard, cottage or even representing your company.

Our products have been awarded the Finnish Avainlippu ("key flag") symbol.

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Fiberglass hot tub

Fiberglass tubs in our product range are available in two sizes - fitting 4 or approx. 6 people.

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Plastic hot tub

The plastic hot tub is hygienic and easy to clean. In AMH-plastic models, the bench seat is connected.

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Thermally-treated wooden hot tub

Our product range includes wooden hot tubs with internal and external heaters.

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